Are Blogs Still a Thing?

I never jumped on the blog bandwagon when it started years ago, but since I’m late for almost everything in life I suppose I’ll start now. Life can be stressful and writing is therapeutic so I suppose I might as well put my story out there for the entire world to see- or just the 5 of my friends that will actually read this.

Just to warn everyone, I cuss a good bit, I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and I’m mildly witty. I don’t tiptoe on feelings so if you’re easily offended you probably shouldn’t follow this blog.

I’ll start us off with a Thanksgiving picture of my husband and me:

I know, I know. He looks this good AND he helps clean the house, packs my lunch for me, and then brings my lunch to work when I forget it on the counter. But the answers are no and no. I won’t share him and he doesn’t have a brother.

If you read my bio you saw that we have 11 children- thankfully I still have my figure. I guess it’s easy to keep when you didn’t exactly birth your children. We have 9 dogs and 2 cats- all rescues- almost all seniors- and a few are considered hospice. Don’t worry, there will be a blog post about each of them in the future because they are absolutely the best and I will gush about them as much as I can. Did I mention we have 🐝 too? That can be another blog post too for those of you who are interested in that sort of madness.

We are currently in the midst of building a house, and we will start IVF treatment in the next couple of months so don’t be alarmed if you notice my hair missing in future pictures because it’s possible I will pull all of it out. I’m sure my raging hormones will provide some entertainment over the next few months as well.

That’s enough of a sneak peak for now. More to come, but for now I’m heading to bed since its past my bedtime. I just need to find a spot….

9 thoughts on “Are Blogs Still a Thing?

  1. I love reading blogs. Can I get a heads up on hormonal days so I can schedule my workouts accordingly??? I can hear it “Rhonda – you call that a burpee???? That’s not a burpee, that is laying on the ground, on your stomach and then standing up with a little jump. No seriously, can’t wait to read about your babies, etc.

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    1. Haha, I will absolutely NEVER judge anyone’s burpees no matter how hormonal I am. It’s more likely that I will just be crying all the time and laughing at myself for crying over ridiculous things. I already do that actually so it will probably just get worse. Lord help me with my willpower over my diet. 🍫


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