Product Recs from a Momma

Everyone I know is pregnant or having babies and I am officially the “mom” that they come to asking for advice on what products I found to be the best. Since my brain doesn’t quite work well on the spot, and given the fact that I live by lists, I figured a blog would be the best resource that I could easily share. I’ll update as I remember other things too!

Diapering Essentials

  1. Desitin– just buy it. I wanted to be that mom that did all organic and use the Beaudreaux’s Butt Paste, but I just did not find it to work well. Also, I would recommend the tubes and not the tub as it’s quite messy. Another new product that has come out is the same ingredients as the Desitin is called Boogie Bottoms. We use it in the hospital for incontinent patients and it is a super convenient spray on! I haven’t used it personally, but I already have a bottle purchased for our next baby so I’ll update when I’ve tried it (or leave me a comment if you’ve used it yourself!).
  2. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is a truly healing balm. With multiple ear infections and rounds of antibiotics, Rhett had caustic diarrhea that made his bum raw. We would put Aquaphor on after cleaning, and then apply a layer of Desitin over that to serve as a barrier for the moisture.
  3. Fridababy Windi The Gaspasser– these will save your life with a gassy baby, but you have to follow the instructions. It’s important to massage the belly. Also, just a warning, when you use it, make sure you have a diaper underneath them. A better recommendation would be to have a towel or large pad beneath them because 80% of the time you will have activated their little colon and you WILL have a mess. You will need a little lubricant (I just used the Aquaphor to avoid having two separate tubes of stuff).
  4. Huggies Little Snugglers were our favorite diapers when he was small because they worked well to hold everything and were stretchy around the legs and tummy. We rarely had issues with leaks unless there was just a massive poop-splosion. They also have the indicator lines which we loved.
  5. HelloBello diapers were what we went to when he was about a year old because he started moving around so much more and the Huggies would dig into his thighs a little too much. They are more eco-friendly too (which we love), but they hold a lot, are super soft, and come up farther in the front and back. The only downside we found was that they don’t have an indicator line, but at that age they pee so much that there is no doubt if they’ve gone so we didn’t find that to be an issue.
  6. Pampers Cruisers 360 FIT are our current go-to since he is potty training. They have an indicator line and are essentially pull-ups, but they hold everything in! Plus they are super easy to pull on and off. The downside of these, obviously, is that if they are completely dressed you can easily tear the sides to take the old one off, but you have to undress them to get the new one on. With Rhett being almost potty trained we have very few accidents so the ease of pulling them up instead of wrangling with a wild toddler to use the velcro ones is totally worth it.
  7. Pampers Baby Dry were our go-to night diapers up until around a year old. They are absorbent and have a wetness indicator.
  8. HelloBello nighttime diapers are what we switched to around a year. Again, they have the benefit of coming up higher in the front and back because we kept finding he was peeing out the top of the others. They are super soft and are very absorbent.


  1. Baby Brezza formula dispenser– this product was seriously the BEST! Kinda pricey, but makes the baby’s bottles the perfect temp and adds the exact right amount of formula. For it to work properly, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried once or twice a week, and you can’t let the formula dispenser get too low, but it was well worth it for the time and energy it saved. When you have a baby screaming because they’re so hungry and you are frazzled and trying to hurry, the last thing you want to do is be trying to measure out scoops and perfect the bottle temp. It also doesn’t make the bottles too warm and they are more of a room temp so we didn’t have issues with Rhett thinking he needed a perfectly heated bottle when we were out in public.
  2. Nuby bottles with the slow flow nipples until about 8 months, and then we switched to the fast flow nipples. These worked well for us and Rhett was able to use them even with a tongue tie that went undiagnosed for a while.
  3. EasyPouch Independence were helpful when he was first learning to use pouches because they kept him from squeezing the whole pouch into his face.

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