Up in the Air

Embaby update first:

I had my mock transfer almost 2 weeks ago and got my results back last Friday. The biopsy of my endometrial lining came back as “receptive” meaning I can go ahead and keep my meds the same for my transfer cycle! 5 days after my ERA the office called and said I was overdue for a saline sonogram. I’ve had one done in the past and they found a mass they had to remove. Given that previous finding and the fact that I only have a single embryo I didn’t want to take any chances. “GREAT” I thought as I scheduled it for the following day. I got the sonogram done which was NOT pleasant at all, but I managed to make it through (then I drove all the way home from Houston afterwards so I was miserable). The test looked good and the doctor assured me there was no harm to continuing with the embryo transfer this cycle. However, being the worrier that I am I said I would feel more comfortable if we waited until our next cycle. Needless to say our transfer is postponed for about another month! It’s sad, but at the same time I would have never forgiven myself had I not done it.

House update:

Cabinets are being installed this week! FINALLY! They have the doors in, the trim is done, and shelving is completed. After the cabinets arrive they can start painting so I suppose we need to decide on colors soon. 🙄 We are getting there, slowly but surely! If you want to see more house updates you can follow @BirchCreekFarm on Facebook!

Master closet

Front door

Closed doors

Dining area, hallway entrance, and our sliding barn dooes

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