Today is the day I go in and see how receptive my uterus is going to be for our lone embryo. I have been on estrogen pills for about 2.5 weeks and last night was my 5th progesterone shot in preparation for my ERA (endometrial receptivity assay) today. It’s basically a biopsy of the uterus that will tell us if we can keep my medication protocol the same or if we need to change it up a little before my actual FET (frozen embryo transfer).

To say I’m a little on edge would be a huge understatement. I haven’t been concerned about this procedure until last night. I know I need to have it done, but the last biopsy I had done showed cervical cancer so I’m a little wigged out. That coupled with the fact that they will be accessing my uterus (which was a massive headache to endure when I had my IUI) has increased my anxiety ten-fold. Let’s not forget to mention the lack of sleep I’ve endured since starting the progesterone shots because I have to pee 5 times a night. Why can’t they just give me a little Xanax before this procedure?

I know it will all be worth it though. All the shots, all the discomfort, all the pain- if this works then it will be worth every bit of it. So we are off to Houston to get this checked off our list so we can move forward. After the procedure we will obviously go to Luby’s for food since I’m already starving and it’s the highlight of the trip for my husband. 😁

In the meantime I’m all “pinked” out from now until the time the doctor tells us it’s a boy and crushes my husband’s dream of a little girl.


4 thoughts on “ERA Day

      1. I am so excited for you and Carter!! And yes I will be getting “pinked out” until we find out 100% that it is not a girl…

        Love and prayers sent your way ❤️


  1. All the wishes and prayers times a million for this next step!! Love you both sooooo much, and looking so forward to the possibilities of a future niece, or nephew (I have boy experience ). Big hugs and kisses!! Think pink!! I get my nails done Friday, so it’s pink toes for me too💗


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