It’s been 20 days since my egg retrieval for IVF. On the day of retrieval they told me they got 8 eggs and it looked like 7 of them were mature. Day 1 post-retrieval I got a call that 5 of the 7 had fertilized. I waited another 7 days and learned that of the 5 that fertilized, only 3 survived the 7 days and were able to be biopsied for genetic testing. This brings us to today. Today I find out how many normal/abnormal embryos I have of the 3 that are currently frozen. Today is the day that decides if this is the end of our IVF journey, or if it’s just the next step. My husband was going to come, but I didn’t want him to miss any more work and I’m beginning to regret that decision. First of all because I hate driving and the almost 2 hour drive here about did me in. But most of all because I’m a crier and I know I’m going to cry no matter what the result is. When I cry I get sleepy and being sleepy is no way to make the drive back home. We will see. I will get home because I have to. When are they going to invent teleportation devices? With all the technology in the world today, why is this not a thing yet?

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