The Results Are In….

So I had my egg retrieval yesterday and we got the call with our numbers today!

Drum roll please……..

So apparently these are decent numbers! Basically what it means is that out of the 7 mature eggs we had, 5 of them fertilized and began dividing right away and 2 of them either aren’t dividing or are dividing too slowly for us to see right now. We have to wait another few days for an update, but they grow them to around day 5 and then they send them off for genetic testing before freezing them. Once the genetic screening comes back we will see how many normal ones we have and decide when to do the transfer from there!

My veins were being super stubborn yesterday so it took 6 sticks to get my IV, but we got it in and got everything done and we were good! I’m so happy with these numbers, but keep the good juju flowing so that they continue to thrive and pass genetic screening with flying colors!

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