Always Late

I’ve mentioned that I’m a super procrastinator and am known for my lateness right? Mind you I’m not late for things that have a set time, but I’m often there right on time. I’m early for work because it takes 12 years to walk from the parking lot they seclude us to into the hospital so I always try to give myself ample time for delays- like forgetting my badge in my car and not realizing it until I get inside the building. I’m also early for doctors appointments. I think it’s safe to say that my being late has improved dramatically as the years have gone by because I don’t like the rushed and anxious feeling of running behind. That being said though I do have a genetic predisposition to being late so it definitely takes a lot of work to be early anywhere. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family has a running joke that we will all be late to our own funerals. The good thing is that my lateness is almost always caused by overscheduling because I try to fit way too many things into a 24 hour period without giving up other things like sleep or eating. I am a queen of multi-tasking which is the only way I get anything done, but I give my full attention to the important things that should not be multi-tasked.

My purpose for going down that rabbit hole was to explain that sometimes being late and taking your time can serve you well. With these shots I’ve been taking for our IVF retrieval my body has been late to show up to the party- it probably has a lot to do with my stubbornness as well. At my very first scan after starting meds it didn’t show anything worth writing home about. My estrogen was less than half of what it was supposed to be at that time and they immediately doubled one of my medications. At my second scan my estrogen had increased, but I still didn’t have any follicles (potential eggs) that were anywhere close to the size they needed to be. He told me my retrieval date would be pushed back by at least a day. Then at my third scan last Friday it showed 4 follicles on the left side, but my right side was “being lazy” as she put it. I was bummed, but quickly came to terms with it and decided that 4 eggs would be plenty for us and I would be happy with that! I added another third nightly injection on Friday and went back for labs and another scan today. I went from 4 follicles to 9 with 4 more that might possibly be big enough by the time we do retrieval! I’m ecstatic about this! I know it doesn’t mean we will for sure be able to retrieve all of them, but it gives me a lot of hope.

Speaking of commitment to this IVF process, we had to take Normie to the emergency vet last night. I got home from work, grabbed my injections and Norman, and headed there. After we got there I realized I grabbed an empty vial for one of my meds so my amazing, sweet, caring husband ran back home to get the right one so I could stay with Norm. He was gone at the time I needed to give myself my shots so I shamelessly got everything together and gave myself my shots in the waiting room so I didn’t miss them calling us back. We waited at the clinic for almost 4 hours so by the time I got home I was exhausted. Thankfully, Norman seems to be feeling a lot better today after starting on an NSAID for what turned out to be neck pain. I’m praying this was just a fluke from him eating his breakfast a little too vivaciously yesterday and not an indicator of the start of another IVDD dog. We love him whatever the case! (He was NOT feeling well and he peed on them when they took him to the back and kept him away from me for almost 3 hours. 😂)

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